FREEDOM24 is a unique brand rich with beauty, energy and spirituality. While our product line continues to grow, the current focus is on our handmade bags which are crafted with original paintings, amulets and exotic skins. Our designs come from inspiration and as you’ll see, they are conversation starters, functional beauty with a message.

The fusion of Eastern and Western culture is juxtaposed in the materials we use that ultimately become the bags we offer. From carefully selected amulets, inspired inscriptions and top-grade textiles, every element has been deeply considered. Our collections are limited.

Our brand is about perspective. It is a way to see the world and express yourself in it.  Both Art and Fashion transcending boundaries and communicating across cultures with influences around the world along with FREEDOM24‘s Spirit. 


Each of us attracts the things we ponder the most. What you look for you will find in our product and much more. FREEDOM24 is spiritual chic, it’s wearable art, it’s heart-crafted gear.

We’re proud that every facet of our work, from design to production is made here in the U.S.A.


My name is Zahyly Heravi and I am the creator and owner of FREEDOM24. My life experiences have brought me to this place, and I know that it is not by coincidence. I design from inspiration, and I love what I do. My hope is that you are touched by the inspiration, and when you take one of our products home, you feel the love and energy that was put into each piece.